Schedule Of Events

Revised on March 25, 2019

Schedule of Events



Tuesday, March 5, 12 Noon                                            Captain Roscoe, Avalon Police Dept., Crimes Against the Disabled & Seniors


Thursday, March 7, 12 Noon                                           Janet Gibbins, Arts & Crafts


Tuesday, March 12                                                          Saint Patrick’s Day Party


Thursday, March 14                                                        BLIND CENTER CLOSED


Tuesday, March 19, 12 Noon                                           Tom Celendine, Famous Movie Stars


Thursday, March 21, 12 Noon                                         Caring and Sharing


Tuesday, March 26, 12 Noon                                           Bingo


Thursday, March 28, 12 Noon                                         Andrew Hink, Jazz Pianist





Tuesday, April 2, 12 Noon                                              Mike Mowrey, Speaking on his Trip to Central America and Panama Canal


Thursday, April 4, 12 Noon                                             Melissa Palmer, Discussing Seven Women Who Led the Campaign for Women’s Rights


Tuesday, April 9                                                              BLIND CENTER CLOSED


Thursday, April 11, 12 Noon                                           Sean Farrell, Avalon Library, Instruction on IPhone and IPad


Tuesday, April 16, 12 Noon                                             Bingo and Mario Tobia, Computer Lesson


Thursday, April 18, 12 Noon                                           Caring and Sharing


Tuesday, April 23, 12 Noon                                             June Willis, Music Program


Thursday, April 25, 12 Noon                                           Marianne and Jeffrey Snyder, Speaking about their trip to Africa


Tuesday, April 30, 12 Noon                                             Clyde Phillips, Songs & Stories


Thursday, May 2                                                             Senior Jamboree



(NOTE:  Every Tuesday at 10:30 AM, Carole Donohu