Blind Center of the Jersey Cape
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Blind Center of the Jersey Cape
Avalon Methodist Church 33rd Street and Dune Drive, Avalon, New Jersey 08202


The Blind Center of the Jersey Cape opened its doors Oct 16, 2000 and was founded by Millicent A. Saraduke, who has been blind since 1982.  Millie, trying to find ways to cope with her new way of life, traveled to the Mid-West and California visiting blind centers and organizations Experiencing what other groups were offering the visually impaired and blind community.  She returned back to N.J. with the idea of starting  a local Center to help other visually impaired individuals adapt to their blindness.   This Center would bring these people together for sharing of their experience and at the same time offer help and friendship to friends.


Our Mission Statement is to improve the lives of the Visually Impaired and Blind.  Our Motto is "doing not curse the Darkness but Light a Candle".


We  are a non-profit 501c3 Organization And fifth teen years from our opening, we are offering the help we promise.  We have four regular classes, Exercise, Drama, Music and Arts and Crafts.  We also have special Events, such as musicals and go on Field Trips in our area of South Jersey.


The four classes mentioned above, speak to four needs of the Visually Impaired and Blind.  Exercise speaks to our bodies which need movement, Drama speaks to our emotions and helps express ourselves, Music of course is a wonderful soothing therapy and finally Arts and Crafts speaks to our ability as Visually Impaired and Blind to create something without sight.  A great confidence builder.  Finally, the socialization of meeting with each other gives us experience meeting and talking to people and helps us learn to handle difficult social situations out in the Sighted World.


We also offer Computer Training using screen readers and have a number of successful students.  The Computer World opens up many avenues of enjoyment and learning, while allowing impaired individuals to work the PC the same as sighted people. 


We meet twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday from ten A.M. until one thirty P.M.  Transportation is provided by our Cape May County Fare Free Service for seniors and Disabled.


You can Contact Millicent A. Saraduke at 609 624 0931 or Phil Harrison at 609 382 5987.

You can email us at, or can write us at:

Blind Center of the Jersey Cape

P. O. Box 624, Cape May Court House, New Jersey 08210.


If you know anyone who is looking for help and hope with dealing with Visually Impairment or Blindness we are here to help.





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